My name is Liz. I live in old Ellicott City. For the past almost four years, I am your elected representative on the Howard County Council, for District 1.

By education, I am a civil engineer. By profession, I am a lawyer. And now, by choice and heartfelt conviction, I am a public servant. I serve the public good.

Four years ago, I promised to and since steadfastly have supported our County’s PUBLIC SCHOOLS. I put real money back into the schools’ annual budget each of the last four years and pursued legislative fixes to schools overcrowding particularly, again and again. I am proud to be endorsed—a second time—by the local teachers’ union.

As promised, I have fought for preservation of our most vulnerable GREEN SPACE: temporarily deferring new development in the old Ellicott City watershed and better protecting our County’s two historic districts—both in District 1, our scenic roads, and our forests and biggest trees. Our local Sierra Club chapter has also, a second time, endorsed me.

And I promised and delivered unflinching focus on GOOD GOVERNMENT: one that prioritizes and invests in what’s best for us all, not just a ruling class of special, monied interests. Just like last time, I take not one cent from the dizzying array of Developer LLCs. Just like last time, I am endorsed by the Ethics Ballot.

I would love to be endorsed by you, too!

The general election is Tuesday, November 8

Please vote Liz Walsh, for everything wonderful about Howard County.

By Authority: Liz Walsh for Howard County, Agnes Malloy-Wojdon, Treasurer.